Great offers for visitors

There are a lot of good reasons to visit the Hypomeeting in Goetzis. First of all, you will of course be able to watch great athletes. We will tell you what else you can do here.


In our merchandising tent you can purchase our Hypomeeting T-shirts and a lot of other souvenirs to remember your unforgettable weekend in the Moesle stadium.


Lost & Found

Whoever finds a lost item or loses something themselves, can try to collect their things or deposit the found item in the merchandising tent.


Child care

Behind the catering tent we have our child care station. At the Kid's Athletics Cup girls and boys can compete in different contests - and everyone wins!


In the largest tent in the stadium you can find all kinds of grilled dishes. Right behind that tent, the Café Italia offers Italian food lovers and vegetarians great deals. Furthermore you can also find coffee and cake in our coffee cart.

Lottery ticket sale

Whoever wants to participate in the Hypomeeting lottery can buy their lottery tickets in the merchandising tent and have the chance to win some great prizes.


Face painting for children

On Saturday and Sunday we offer face painting for your children - they can choose with which flag they want to support the participating athletes. Time and place will be announced in the stadium.

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