On-site services

Culinary and more

Food & drinks

This year the large food tent is open. Stop by and enjoy the barbecue, different pasta dishes or sweet baked goods.

Please be aware of the general COVID-19 catering regulations (seats are allocated; registration at the table necessary).

Lost & Found

If you have found something, which does not belong to anyone, you can hand it in at the food tent. If you have lost something, go check the food tent, maybe somebody has handed it in.

Lottery tickets

If you like to participate in the big Hypomeeting lottery, you can buy a ticket at the food tent and get the chance to win one out of 27 great prizes.


Also this year we offer some Hypomeeting items. Please let us know your wishes via mail. We are pleased to sent you the items.

  • T-Shirt
      (children: 116-152 à EUR 15,- / adults: S - XXL à EUR 19,-)
  • snack box (silver) incl. board / EUR 20,-
  • gym bag (black) | EUR 18,-
  • cap (black; children and adults)
      EUR 11,- / EUR 13,-
  • collection cup | EUR 12,-
  • anti-stress ball (red) | EUR 1,50 

plus shipping costs