Rookies and records


2022Warner DamianCAN
2021Warner DamianCAN
2019Warner DamianCAN
2018Warner DamianCAN
2017Warner DamianCAN
2016Warner DamianCAN
2015Kazmirek KaiGER
2014Hardee TreyUSA
2013Warner DamianCAN
2012Van Alphen HansBEL
2011Hardee TreyUSA
2010Clay BryanUSA
2009Schrader MichaelGER
2008Karpov DmitriyKAZ
2007Krauchanka AndreiBLR
2006Clay BryanUSA
2005Sebrle RomanCZE
2004Sebrle RomanCZE
2003Sebrle RomanCZE
2002Sebrle RomanCZE
2001Sebrle RomanCZE
2000Dvorak TomasCZE
1999Dvorak TomasCZE
1998Nool ErkiEST
1997Hämälainen EduardFIN
1996Smith MichaelCAN
1995Nool ErkiEST
1994Hämäläinen EduardBLR
1993Hämälainen EduardBLR
1992Zmelik RobertTCH
1991Smith MichaelCAN
1990Schenk ChristianDDR
1989Plaziat ChristianFRA
1988Freimuth UweDDR
1987Wentz SiegfriedBRD
1986Kratschmer GuidoBRD
1985Freimuth UweDDR
1984Degtyaryov GrigoriyURS
1983Degtyaryov GrigoriyURS
1982Thompson DaleyGBR
1981Zeilbauer SeppAUT
1980Thompson DaleyGBR
1979Dubois ThierryFRA
1978Kratschmer GuidoBRD
1977Zeilbauer SeppAUT
1976Kratschmer GuidoBRD
1975Kratky PetrTCH


2022Vetter AnoukNED
2021Krizsán XéniaHUN
2019Johnson-Thompson KatarinaGBR
2018Thiam NafissatouBEL
2017Thiam NafissatouBEL
2016Theisen Eaton BrianneCAN
2015Theisen Eaton BrianneCAN
2014Johnson-Thompson KatarinaGBR
2013Theisen BrianneCAN
2012Ennis JessicaGBR
2011Ennis JessicaGBR
2010Ennis JessicaGBR
2009Dobrynska NataliyaUKR
2008Chernova TatyanaRUS
2007Klüft CarolinaSWE
2006Klüft CarolinaSWE
2005Klüft CarolinaSWE
2004Klüft CarolinaSWE
2003Klüft CarolinaSWE
2002Burell SheliaUSA
2001Barber EuniceFRA
2000Barber EuniceFRA
1999Nathan DeDeeUSA
1998Belova IrinaRUS
1997Lewis DeniseGBR
1996Shouaa GhadaSYR
1995Shouaa GhadaSYR
1994Braun SabineGER
1993Dimitrova SvetlaBUL
1992Braun SabineGER
1991Braun SabineGER
1990Braun SabineGER
1989Behmer AnkeDDR
1988Behmer AnkeDDR
1987Behmer AnkeDDR
1986Joyner-Kersee JackieUSA
1985Frederick JaneUSA
1984Vinogradova NadeshdaURS
1983Shubenkova NatalyaURS
1982Frederick JaneUSA
1981Frederick JaneUSA
1980Smirnova YekaterinaURS
1979Frederick JaneUSA
1978Frederick JaneUSA
1977Konihowski DianeCAN
1976Jones DianeCAN
1975Pollak BurglindeDDR

Rookie of the Year

Who will be elected as best athlete?

Every year the best male and femal Rookie - young athletes with the best performances - are elected in Götzis. A top-class expert panel evaluates the performances over the two competition days and thereout makes their choice.


2022Doubek FrantišekCZE
2021Gaio FinleySUI
2019Moloney AshleyAUS
2018Tilga KarelEST
2017Samuelsson FredrikSWE
2016Sykora JiryCZE
2015Braun PieterNED
2014Siedlaczek DominikAUT
2013Nixon GunnarUSA
2012Bryant AshleyGBR
2011Freimuth RicoGER
2010Distelberger DominikAUT
2009Sintnicolaas EelcoNED
2008Suarez LeonelCUB
2007Karlivans JanisLAT
2006Behrenbruch PascalGER


2022Dokter SofieNED
2021Jæger HenrietteNOR
2019Oosterwegel EmmaNED
2018Turpin EstherFRA
2017Ruckstuhl GeraldineSUI
2016Lagger SarahAUT
2015Visser NadineNED
2014Thiam NafissatouBEL
2013Biesenbach KiraGER
2012Dadic IvonaAUT
2011Schippers DafneNED
2010Wade BettieUSA
2009Agbo PhyllisGBR
2008Goncharova MarinaRUS
2007Züblin LindaSUI
2006Tyminska KarolinaPOL

All-time bests

Athletes with the highest score

Throughout the years, several times combined events history was made in Götzis. Numerous records, countless personal bests and the highlight - the long lasting world record in the men's decathlon by Roman Sebrle - made the Hypomeeting the clear number 1 among all combined event meetings around the world.


90261Sebrle RomanCZE2001
89951Warner DamianCAN2021
89001Dvorak TomasCZE2000
88421Sebrle RomanCZE2004
88071Sebrle RomanCZE2003
88001Sebrle RomanCZE2002
87971Warner DamianCAN2022
87951Warner DamianCAN2018
87572Sebrle RomanCZE2000
87423Nool ErkiEST2000
87381Dvorak TomasCZE1999


70131Thiam NafissatouBEL2017
69851Braun SabineGER1992
69421Shouaa GhadaSYR1996
69061Ennis JessicaGBR2012
68421Barber EuniceFRA2000
68411Klüft CarolinaSWE2005
68241Joyner-Kersee JackieUSA1986
68201Klüft CarolinaSWE2004
68131Johnson-Thompson KatarinaGBR2019
68081Theisen Eaton BrianneCAN2015
68061Thiam NafissatouBEL2018


World record / European record / National record / Hypomeeting record

Heptathletes and decathletes are the queens and kings of track and field. Their performances cannot be compared to any other sport, as the combined event requires the combination of running, jumping and throwing. Here an overview of records.


World record9.126 pointsMayer Kevin (FRA)
European record9.126 pointsMayer Kevin (FRA)
Austrian record8.320 pointsKellermayr Gernot (AUT)



Meeting records decathlon

100m10,12Warner DamianCAN2019
Long Jump8,45Ehammer SimonSUI2022
Shot Put17,45Smith MichaelCAN1997
High Jump2,23Schenk ChristianDDR1990
400m46,53Nool ErkiEST1997
110m Hurdles13,36Warner DamianCAN2021
Discus Throw55,14Demmel NorbertGER1995
Pole Vault5,55Nool ErkiEST2000
Javelin Throw75,49Suarez LeonelCUB2011
1500m4:08,90Quérin GaelFRA2017
Decathlon9.026Sebrle RomanCZE2001




World record7.291 pointsJoyner-Kersee Jackie (USA)
European record7.032 pointsKlüft Carolina (SWE)
Austrian record6.591 pointsPreiner Verena (AUT)



Meeting records Heptathlon

100m Hurdles12,78Visser NadineNED2017
High Jump2,01Thiam NafissatouBEL2018
Shot put16,92Skujyte AustraLTU2005
200m22,35Schippers DafneNED2014
Long Jump6,93Moskalets SwetlanaRUS1995
Javelin Throw59,81Vetter AnoukNED2022
800m2:02,06Belova IrinaRUS2001
Heptathlon7013Thiam NafissatouBEL2017